5 Reasons Maine is a Perfect Fall Getaway Vacation

There is a saying that New Englanders live and breathe for the most glorious months of the year: September and October!! What makes autumn in Maine the absolute best? Here are the Top 5 Reasons Maine is a Perfect Fall Getaway Vacation:

1. The Weather is Simply Spectacular

The days are relatively warm with low humidity (usually in the mid-70s in September and the mid-60s in October) and the nights are crisp and chilly, sometimes dropping to the frost point by mid to late October. This is absolutely perfect for sporting your sandals during the day but you’ll always want to have a light jacket or fleece for the evening. While you’re at it, you might as well be as fashionable as you can in Maine… get that jacket or fleece from LL Bean at their flagship store and headquarters in Freeport, Maine.

2.  Of Course, the Fall Foliage

Fall foliage is always stunning, but some years can be absolutely mind blowing. Brilliant shades of yellow, orange, and red will eventually paint the landscape as you drive up and down the coast. From the inn, take a short 3 minute walk over to the Western Promenade where you can see the color all the way to snow capped peak of Mount Washington on a clear day. The Chadwick grounds are completely covered by a canopy of maple and oak trees — there will be plenty of leaves quietly falling to helping set the scene for your perfect New England fall vacation.

3. Portland Stays Open

Unlike the tourist destinations to the north or south, Portland has an extended high season through the end of October. Most shops remain open just as late as they did during the summer months and most restaurants remain open six or seven nights a week. Since Portland is such a foodie city, the autumn is especially delicious with chefs and restauranteurs picking up the last of the farmer’s market summer haul and all the yummy root vegetables harvested this time of year. Make sure to check-out two of our local favorites: Caiola’s Restaurant and Katahdin Wood Fire Grill & Bar.

4. Score Some Great Deals

As summer comes to a close and garment racks get restocked with wintery clothes, it is a perfect time to score a sweet deal! There are a countless number of boutique shops located in the Old Port but if you just need to save money on your Gap, Banana Republic, American Eagle, Calvin Klein, or J.Crew classics, we’ve got you covered with great outlet prices. Plus, it’s a perfect time to get a head start on that Christmas list! Here’s a pro tip: bring an extra suitcase if you can’t help but buy a deal when you see it.

5. The Locals are Super Happy & Friendly

Remember that saying about how New Englanders live for these two months each and every year? It’s absolutely true! Autumn is one of the happiest times of year and you’ll notice it on our faces. Sunbathers will be at the park catching those last warm rays of the year, everyone seems to be biking around comfortably without breaking a sweat, the hearty fall foods are cooking on our stove tops, and we can finally turn the oven back on! It’s time to start putting back on some of the winter weight to keep us warm through the colder months ahead, and ski season is just around the corner; it’s hard not to be happy! Come join us as we celebrate the most perfect time of year!

So, there you have it: The Top 5 Reasons Maine is a Perfect Fall Getaway Vacation. And, if you’re going to be coming here anyway, you might as well book your stay at The Chadwick Bed & Breakfast — let us keep you well taken care of during your New England retreat.

Safe Travels,
E Scot Fuller-Beatty
Innkeeper / Owner of The Chadwick Bed & Breakfast

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